When producing a video game, film or television show, one of the most important aspects is staying in within your music production budget. Fortunately, with the advent of digital recording and modern recording studio techniques, our production team has many sound production options and quality levels to fit just about any budget.

To fill your audio needs and budget considerations, the Hopkins recording studio has the knowledge to engineer the highest quality audio available in a variety of output formats.

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Among the advantages we can provide:

• Any audio format up to 5.1 Dolby Surround at 24 bit / 192 kHz Sampling rate

• Any genre of music, though we specialize in full symphonic scores

• Symphonic scores recorded with top LA session players and/ or with the latest sample libraries and software tools

• Live recording of up to 5 soloists (full symphonic scores require scoring stage rental)

• Total automation of digital audio playback (at any frame rate)

• Thousands of sounds unique to this recording studio

• Expert recording, engineering and mastering experience

The Hopkins recording studio utilizes the following 3rd party Sample Libraries and Audio Units Library Plug-ins:

Vienna Symphonic Library
Full/Extended Vienna Instruments

Stylus plug-in w/ SAGE expansion libraries & 14 third party expansion sets

Quantum Leap
Platinum Plus Symphonic Orchestra
Full/Extended Symphonic Choirs
Stormdrum II
Voices of Passion
Stormdrum II
Ministry of Rock
Fab Four

Ivory (Bosendorfer Imperial grand, 9 ft. German Steinway & Yamaha C7)
Ivory Italian Grand (Fazioli 10 ft.)
Ivory Uprights

Modular Moog
Roland Jupiter 8
SCI Prophet 5 / VS
ARP 2600
Yamaha CS-80

Superior Drummer 
EZ Drummer (w 7 expansion libraries)
Drums From Hell

Native Instruments
Kontakt 4

Liquid Score FX

Visual Arts
Plectrum plug-in

Apple EXS24 sampler
Garritan Stradivarius Strings
Sonic Implants Symphonic Library
A 475 Gb sound FX library

The Hopkins recording studio utilizes the following hardware:

8 core Mac Pro Tower w/ three internal TB Hard Drives and 16 Gb Ram
Intel Pentium 4 - 3.2 Gigahertz Windows XP PC

Digital Firewire I/O:

5.1 Surround sound playback system:
5 Mackie HR824 speakers - Low frequency crossover with 2 Ramsa subs
Carver PT1250 Amp, Carver PT900 Amp

The Hopkins recording studio utilizes the following software:

Digital Audio Workstation Software:
Logic Studio 9 (includes 37 virtual Instruments and 124 inboard DSP effects)
Pro Tools 8

DSP effects plug-ins:
Waves Gold bundle FX

Audio/Music Software Utilities:
Redmatica  - ExsManager, Keymap, Autosampler
Celemony  - Melodyne 3
Chicken Systems – Translator, Constructor
Apple – Waveburner, Main Stage 2, Soundtrack Pro 2
Propellerheads  - Recycle 2

The Hopkins recording studio also includes the following:

MIDI Interface:
Unitor 8X8 MIDI USB interface

Sennheiser 421
Rode NT2000

Mackie Onyx 1620

MIDI Keyboard Controller:
Kurzweil K2600XS

External MIDI Sound Modules:
Yamaha TX-816
Kurzweil K2600RS
Roland XV-5050


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