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"In the aspiration of maintaining the “World Class Orchestra” status that the Los Angeles Philharmonic now holds, Larry Hopkins holds a unique position as our music technology consultant. His level of knowledge of the latest in music technology and his skills as a performer, arranger, composer and sound designer have saved many of our concerts and recording sessions from disaster. His dependability and “easy to work with” personality show the highest level of professionalism. The LA Philharmonic will feel secure that we’ll never need to look elsewhere for these services."

Paul Geller, Manager - LA Philharmonic & Hollywood Bowl

“Larry and I have co-composed numerous film and TV projects including ABC’s “Desperate Housewives”.  Larry has a vast knowledge of musical styles, musical sounds and fantastic command of technology.  He is the consummate 'well rounded' musician.”

Robb Navrides - Sound Supervisor (Desperate Housewives)
Universal Studios

“Larry Hopkins first came to me highly recommend by SONY and Universal. Besides his top level skills as a composer, he has proven on every video game project that he can deliver exactly what was promised on time as a team player. He’s always willing to go the extra mile when asked and when things get tough, he’s always the solution, not the problem.”

Bruce Swanson, Audio Director - SONY/Naughty Dog Software

“Larry Hopkins has helped me out for many years as my “go to guy” for musical knowledge or sampling / synthesizer programming help for high profile touring artists such as Madonna, Rolling Stones and Ringo Starr. He has always been there when the pressure is on to guide me through any task necessary, even in emergencies. His help has been truly stellar. Thank You Larry!”

Peter Wiltz - Touring Keyboard Technician
Rolling Stones, Madonna, Ringo Starr

"I first met Larry Hopkins at the he was head of artist relations at Kurzweil Music Systems. After asking industry professionals, Larry Hopkins was recommended to me as the best source to resolve any music technology problem. He helped me resolve an issue that no one else could resolve. Instead of giving me the run around, Larry was just honest, tells it like it is and gets things done right! Over the years, I have found Larry Hopkins not only to be an expert and knowledgeable technician but I also discovered that what an incredible musician, arranger and composer he is. As soon as I found out, I started hiring him to compose and perform with me. I especially enjoy working with Larry in my studio and having in my home. He is always a joy and brings a unique level of musicianship I have found nowhere else. I wish him continued success, but not so much that he doesn’t have a time to spend with me.
Now that’s me, just being honest and telling you like it is."

Jim Messina, Grammy winning Recording Artist with Loggins & Messina, Poco and Buffalo Springfield

“Larry Hopkins is an exceptional musician whose musical abilities are only exceeded by his sense of personal commitment to anything he attaches himself to and his unlimited generosity in his desire to please whomever he works with.”

Mike Lang, Fist call recording session keyboardist (The Simpsons, John Williams, etc.)

“Larry Hopkins combines his excellent  music and music technology skills so seamlessly that I'm always assured my projects go to a higher level when he jumps onboard. He will always be on my first call list.”

Alan Howarth, Academy award winning Sound Designer

"I have known and worked with Larry for many years in both technical and musical endeavors and can say he is one of the hardest working, most reliable and loyal people I know.  In this business, that is no small statement".

Jean Bellefeuille, Manager of Product Support at Kurzweil Music Systems

“Larry Hopkins is one of the most talented composers and performers I have ever had the pleasure to work with - a true passionate genius.”

John Novello, Grammy winning Recording Artist with Niacin


Jak X (SONY)

Jak X : Combat Racing (SONY)
“Jak X: Combat Racing Combat Racing also boats the terrifically stylish presentation gamers expect from Jak titles (including a surprisingly cool soundtrack) with over 40 minutes of cinematic sequences (a possible genre first).” Gamepro

“The cinematic music of Jak X offers a well-executed finish”. PAL Gaming Network

“Jak X’s music is simply impressive”. Pro Games Network

“Jak X’s music is something that really gets your heart racing”. Gaming Trend

“Jak X: Combat Racing features outstanding sound and music”. Digital Press online

“The music and sound effects are equally well done”. Gamespot

Jak 3 (SONY)

“Jak 3’s music fits really nice, especially the boss battle music as it really gets players in the mood to beat down on that particular bad buy”. Gamezone

“The music from Jak 3 really conveys the mood that the story line is attempting to bring to you”. Gamerz-Egde

“The music of Jak 3 is generally outstanding”. IGN

“Jak 3’s music is “spot-on!” Gameshark

“The music of Jak 3 flows well with what is going on in the game and everything comes together nicely when using a surround system. Jak 3 is a great game, and it is the best of the Jak series”. Next Level Gaming

“Jak 3’s music is cool as ever” - a real winner”. Gamespot

“The music of Jak 3 is most impressive and suits the game well”. Armchair Empire

Jak II : Renegade (SONY)

“Jak II’s music is everything fans were hoping it would be”. Future Gamez

“The music of Jak II is always appropriate for every level of game play”. Rewired Mind

“Jak II’s music is amazing. Bloody brilliant”.Intelligent Gaming

“The music of Jak II is simply is wonderful (We’ve been anticipating the soundtrack since we started to play!” Game Infowire


Larry Hopkins Podcast interview with Fake

Fake Science Lab Report #21
“In this episode Cedub talks to Larry Hopkins about his experiences as a keyboard/synth tech and LA based composer. Larry has worked for Kurzweil and now focuses on composing for Video Games, TV and Film.”

Click here to listen to the Podcast!


Jak II up for a “Golden Reel” award for best music & sound

SONY / Naughty Dog software’s Jak II musical score and sound editing was nominated for a golden reel award for best music and sound by the Motion Picture Editors Guild.


A.S.C.A.P. - American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

G.A.N.G. - Game Audio Network Guild

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